Thought leadership campaign

Thought leadership branding and identity design

Thought and leadership

Full Scale Ahead (FSA) is a content-driven, multichannel thought-leadership program aimed at mid-sized businesses.

We were asked to design an identity and visual toolkit for the programme and apply that toolkit across print, PR, electronic and social media.

To begin with we worked with partners and staff drawn from across the firm to develop tangible initiatives to bring the brand idea to life. Out of this process we developed and a comprehensive set of icons, infographics and digital assets as part of the brand toolkit.

These allowed the firms various activities and offers to be subtly branded without the constant repetition of words or overly-corporate symbols and were made available to fee earners to share with clients and prospects.

The campaign has led directly to an increase in attributable sales opportunities, increased understanding of expertise amongst stakeholders and  elevated our client’s profile to a different level with numerous examples of top tier media coverage including the Financial Times, two pieces in The Daily Telegraph and thirty other business and sector pieces including, Forbes, Economia and all our target regionals.