SOS Childrens Villages

Campaign theme and creative copywriting

The Tomorrow in India campaign was aimed at recruiting financial sponsors to become part of a orphaned Indian child’s future. And every campaign needs a hook, an overarching theme or idea that can carry the concept of what you want to communicate simply, quickly and practically. Ours became: 

What we do and what we experience in our childhood shapes our future, shapes our tomorrow’s.

The rational was simple but decisive and effecting.  Childhood is so precious. It only comes once. It should be cherished and nurtured. The experiences, influences and opportunities of childhood shape who we become as adults, shape our tomorrow’s, shape our future.  Through this campaign we are giving children in India a better future and by doing so we are going to make their lives better.

Tomorrow carries the hope that comes with a new day, a new start, a better life. And what we do and what we experience in our childhood shapes our future, shapes our tomorrow’s.
The ‘Tomorrow’ campaign is asking people to get involved, and through their actions and support become part of an Indian childs future, helping us make their lives better, in essence, becoming part of a better tomorrow.

What it allowed us to do is to link explicitly the campaign name (Tomorrow in India) with an action and a positive outcome in a quick, simple to digest and memorable way. It meant we could get a lot across in a short space of time with a device that could lead the overall campaign but also work effectively through a number of devolved channels. 


Overarching campaign theme and strapline

What we do in childhood shapes us in life.
What we do for our children. Shapes us all.

Tomorrow in India
Transform a child’s life

Message specific straplines
These allowed us to do is adapt and amend messages depending on what we want to say and how direct we want to be.

Teach a child to read

Find a child a family
(Street children)

Feed a starving baby
(Disaster relief)