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ReStore. An Identity


The vision for HFH UK was to open 30 ReStore outlets across the UK, which are forecasted to generate over £75m in resources for HFH GB over 15 years.

Our approach was to develop a style that could include and communicate all the key themes that ReStore encapsulated, business with community, commerce with responsibility, profit with humanity. 

And at its core was a logo that featured a multitude of different icons, representing the many products that pass through the stores. Seen from a distance, the circle-shaped logo appears solid and unified. It is only on closer inspection that its inherent diversity and constituent parts become evident. 

Supporting the logo was a muted colour palette and conversational tone-of-voice, to add warmth and humanity to this notion of vitality.

Habitat for Humanity (HFH) is the largest Shelter NGO in the world. In 2016 HFH GB approached Sable&Hawkes to help them brand and launch Restore to the UK. ReStore is one of the most dynamic and successful social enterprises in the world with an outstanding track record in using commercial enterprise and the power of business to deliver significant economic, environmental and social benefits to vulnerable communities and individuals. 

ReStore works through donated building materials being made available to local communities at a fraction of the retail price. The stores themselves also act as community hub's, with volunteering and skills based training schemes at available on site.