The beauty of
compound data

Naming strategy, positioning, visual and verbal identity

Our clients had developed a brand new, powerful, and easy-to-use data visualisation tool for all international pharma companies to use to support more insightful and intelligent chemical data analysis. Sable were asked to develop an extensive project involving a naming strategy, positioning and a complete visual and verbal identity.

As a first step we ran an insight activity around the product, its growth plans, competition, target audiences, market dynamics and future scenarios, etc. and from this we were able to write the naming and positioning strategy.  A number of presentations, and a whole bunch of refinement later we had a name, and that strategy in place.

We identified that the product would offer clients insight and intelligence and accuracy in a data universe of infinite possibilities and the name Sentira is derived from the word sentient which is an adjective describing the power of perception.

The name also ticked all our clients technical requirements, for something: short, memorable, sounding both scientific and beautiful.

This also, and neatly, articulated our core brand idea, as 'the power of perception' reflected both the depth and the insight that Sentira brought to our clients data analysis requirements. From here we wrote the brand narrative and messaging platform to support the positioning.

Visually, our approach was to create a strong identity for that could be sufficiently strong and elastic to embrace all existing and future opportunities and the most distinctive element of the identity was the icon. A stylised  letter S alluded to an infinity symbol, referring to a more intuitive way of working and the intelligent connectivity that Sentira analysis provides. The organic and fluid shape was also distinctive within the products particular market space.