Logo and product identity

Logo design and product launch marketing

The power of three

Sketchpack is a new cloud project management collaboration tool for architects, engineers and designers, providing users with the ability to share and connect information associated with a project and view 3D models in a convenient browser environment. Our brief was to communicate this new way of working in clear, simple and striking launch materials.

Findings from an initial brand audit indicated the key barriers to adoption would be a lack of understanding of the practical benefits of what was admittedly a radically new way of working.

To counter this we made a conscious decision to humanise the message, create three ‘values’ for the new system; connectivity, share-ability and collaboration. These ‘branded values’ were then used to explain both the system benefits and how it actually worked. 

Not wanting to flood new audiences with too much marketing speak we decided to use the values themselves as the copy line for the whole campaign, as they explained the idea quickly and clearly.

The symbol designed for the product itself represents the teamwork at the heart of the service and is derived from the theme of three, the three being the product core values, brought together as a combination of arrows to create the impression of a physical space, a cube, or SketchPack.

The cube was a deliberate approach to illustrate a physical space rather than represent anything overtly virtual. This, through our research, was still one of the key concerns in the market once you got passed the early technology adopters. Creating such a sense of physical space alleviated those doubts around ‘cloud’ working.  The use of arrows was a direct reference to the three pillars of the SketchPack through the collaborating, sharing and and connecting of information.

Post launch, we continued our involvement through a number of brand activation initiatives including an internal engagement programme and brand guardianship role.