Product Identity and Launch

Design and strategy for launching a product

A is for Asteris

Jointly developed and owned by Optibrium and Integrated Chemistry Design, Asteris was a new iPad app for the pharmaceutical drug discovery.

Our client wanted to enter the market and launch a new brand that would upset the status quo in a number of ways. Asteris was the most visually informative chemistry drawing tools with the most powerful predictive modelling available on app or PC and the iPad ‘touch’ interface provided a unique ‘ideas space’ where creative and intuitive exploration allowed chemists to explore a much wider range of ideas.

We faced a number of challenges – how do you launch a compelling new brand with no proven track record in a saturated market? How do you create something fresh? And do it from scratch with a small budget in less than four weeks?

We started by developing the core offer, for which we had an extensive discussion around the balance between the technology and the uniquely innovative approach Asteris brought to the process of drug discovery. Three potential positioning routes were initially researched and developed until we settle on one core central idea: Freedom to Explore

Around that, we set to work creating our key content and the visual identity. Our solution for the app icon was to distil down the brand to a set of main themes; the letter ‘A’, chemistry, compounds and the concept of linked ideas and to then illustrate this using a stylised molecule. Personality and impact was introduced in the bold use of colour which was then applied using a variety of close ups to create both a visual link and hierarchy.