Brand Positioning

Branding brand positioning and strap line copy writing

Habitat for Humanity. 
And together, we build...

Habitat for Humanity (HFH) is the largest Shelter NGO in the world and started work in Britain in 1993. HFH GB supports international projects through assisting with project design, raising funds and running volunteer programmes as a means of raising the profile of poverty housing and cultivating advocates for the right to decent housing.

Sable  were engaged at a time when the charity sector is facing challenging times; being asked to take an ever expanding role in delivering public services, ever increasing scrutiny, and an environment where competition for donor income is more intense than ever. 

Our challenge was to help our client differentiate in such a landscape by identifying that single, unifying purpose that would enable them attract, engage and motivate sponsors, donors and volunteers alike. 

What we wanted was a line that captured the ethos, spirit and the benefit of the charity. A distillation of who they are and what they believed in. 

Our approach was to:

1 Start with the need
2 Make it very clear and simple how our audience fitted in
3 Develop an accessible way of talking about the work and its benefits
4. And link all that to a clear and tangible call to action.

We used an insight period of transcribed interviews, focus groups and desk research, to address the key issues and, after numerous iterations, drafts, and conversations, the solution was a blueprint for future positioning. 

This was then distilled down to create what we began to call the ‘brand line’. 

For our client it provided a rallying call for staff and volunteers alike, a flag to fly and get behind. For us, it provided a door into their story as well as being a vehicle for getting that story out into the world. 

The key was how they approached their work. 

Habitat for Humanity are an organisation committed to delivering safety, security, happiness and dignity to some of the world’s poorest people, delivered in partnership with some of the world’s poorest people. That is their story.

And it is the theme of partnership that we placed at the heart of the new competitive positioning.