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Branding and corporate identity on a budget

Maleon Design Engineers
Branding on a budget

At the start of 2016, SME’s accounted for 99.3%* of all private sector firms in the UK. And they all have a brand and a reputation that needs managing, promoting and protecting. But not everyone has Apple’s resources or Nike’s budgets, or indeed the time or access to the expertise to get it right. 

Despite this, any business, however small, however new, with a good idea and a sense of belief in what they are doing, can write a great story. Maleon came to us for just such help. They were an established business who were keen to develop a more authoritativeand sophisticated position for their brand – but were honest enough to admit they didn’t have unlimited resources to get the project done.

Specifically they wanted to realign their offer from a technical, product-based approach, primarily to SMEs, to a proposition that would allow them to live at board level, as a trusted engineering and design consultancy partner. We saw this as an opportunity to engineer a subtle repositioning of their services both visually and tonally, in turn, helping them change the way they marketed their products. 


To establish some integrity in the solution, our first action was to complete a contained and efficient client research programme to gather the data and evidence needed to support our brand development strategy. This clarified their place in their sector and the positioning we wanted to take for them moving forward. We then used what time we had to design a cleaner, more corporate, more 'established' visual style, based around their distinctive M monogram, giving them a sense of both individuality and heritage which was then applied cost-effectively to a new website, marketing materials and event promotions.

Claire Bishop Marketing Manager for Maleon says: “Maleon have used Sable and Hawkes for a few years now and I am always impressed with the level of service we receive. In our experience they take the brief and develop it using their own unique style, to deliver solutions which  exceed our expectations. If you are looking for designers who will provide you with your own distinct brand offering great value for money, then we would always recommend Sable and Hawkes”.

*Source: The Federation of Small Businesses