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Sainsbury’s, Asda and the 4Ps. A new deal and a bit of old school marketing.

When I heard the news of the Asda/Sainsbury’s deal I didn’t initially think much of it. On the face of it big beasts that live in different parts of the jungle coming together – I could see why and over and above increasing pressures on suppliers and concerns over the job security of back room staff, I couldn’t really see why not. But then ...

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A design company’s guide to writing a creative brief

Creative projects are by their nature evolutionary, and what you start with may change and develop. To optimise the creative outcome, you may move into areas not entirely anticipated at the beginning.  For non-linear projects, you need to put greater emphasis on the set-up and on establishing the rules of the house, the objectives and the stages of the project, to create the structure for the creative process to follow on behind, and to flourish. Yes, we are talking about the creative brief

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