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Research. Consult. Write and design. Brilliant ideas expertly applied. The latest Sable&Hawkes project.


It has been said, not by us, but it has yes, that print is dead, the grandad on the pushbike trying to keep up on the new digital highway, constantly overtaken by more wacky and whizzy web stuff. Well, that’s news to us.  For one, we are media neutral, the message will always be king, the media always but the vehicle, and secondly, well on occasion, you just cannot beat a nice bit of print can you. “Just something in print please?, Yes certainly, that would be lovely.”

First, some kind words from our sponsor:

"Sable and Hawks have produced a prospectus that we are really delighted with and which thoroughly reflects what we represent as a college. The time spent to really understand us and explore our future plans was invaluable in developing and refining our key messages.”

Paul Wilson: Principal
Wyggeston Queen Elizabeth 1 College


But as we all know, design is nothing without content, and content is nothing without preparation, wit and a certain clarity and certainty of thought. This is where we offer a real strength; not only have our writers have helped shape the communications of many prominent brands but we’re also the agency that has rebranded, repositioned, consulted on and navigated WQE through a merger at the start of this year.

Ideal preparation to shape and craft exactly the right messages for the new college. So we know our onions. Onions that unpeeled reveal a new prospectus backed by comprehensive research, insightful prose and impactful imagery that together, go to shape this provocative and persuasive piece of communication.

And this is what we did:

• Editing and copywriting
• Design and layout
• Graphics/illustrations
• Art direction
• Digital artwork
• Print management


And a note of thanks: to a great working relationship with Paul and Sue at WQE and the support, commitment and delivery of a great friend and valued partner to Sable, Charlie Troman, photographer and all round good guy.

Adrian Kimpton