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Wanted: Wanted: Chief Marketing Officer

Wanted: Chief Marketing Officer (or is that Chief Communications Officer?)

We are seeking and applicant to fulfil the following functions:

  1. be the voice of the customer in all business decisions

  2. manage the (end-to-end) customer journey ...

  3. … and all aspects of our brand

  4. and lead marketing's visible and measurable contribution to our business growth.

If you were looking for a career change and and saw the following job description then would you be tempted? I think I would, but then again, I wrote it.


I write this as I am hearing more and more of the debate around the C-suite role of marketing and whether these days we are increasingly talking about Chief Communications Officers rather than marketing roles with a broader and more commercial remit. Communication is and will always be an element of the marketer’s role, but it is just that, an element. What I consider to be the role of a companies chief marketer is what you see here – my CMO job description if you like…

The debate has become louder I think, largely for two reasons; pretty much every business now chases digital. We are all to some extent fixated with social and online media whether it's appropriate or not and by and large the approach is tactical, at arms-length pushed to our customers rather than anything more strategic or longer term.

And secondly below the top players, there is a real blurring of the lines in our marketing departments between marketing communications, customer engagement and branding. Generally with the result that branding and customer ownership become subsumed into more generic acts of communication, pushing messages and media at audiences rather than taking the time to understand, engage and manage our relationships with them.

The solution? Write your own job description, and ensure it delivers the wider remit of the real CMO and there will be less need to introduce new titles and more opportunities for us all to visibly elevate the role of marketing in our careers.