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Don’t say nothing: Creative writing for brands

Thinking deeply about what brands mean, and how to communicate them, leads inevitably to language. Which makes language an immensely powerful tool for understanding and communicating brands, for clarifying ideas internally and communicating them externally.

And is why we consider the writer to be an integral part of the creative team and the practical and creative crafting of language as essential to every project we do.

This is how we do it:

Stage One

We begin at the point of curiosity – being interested, nosy, questioning and inquisitive, snooping about, finding out who our clients really are and what the brand stands for – purpose, character and soul.

Stage Two

And then it’s about ideas – seeing the bigger picture in the smallest details, the black and white in every hue.

Stage Three

And through the scribble, the jot and the doodle, we hone, refine and we polish – till the whole thing shines.