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A brief history of marketing over the last 100 (or so) years

Targeting and positioning go back to the precision of military science that dominated the first part of the 20th century. The same era that produced the rise of political campaigns and mass media audiences.

Midway through the last century, from the 50s on, psychology as an avant-garde discipline opened up a whole new level of understanding into the human psyche and introduced us to notions of personality and analysis. Sociology took us from individualistic to social thinking, mirroring the social revolution of the 60s and 70s, and gave us archetypes and ethnography, the study of groups and patterns to understand human behaviour.

Following the commercial culture of the 80s, we humanized our approach in the 90s and emotional branding became the way forward with a big emphasis on love and connection. A human tone and language dominated branding for a long time until the new Millennium became all about infinite connectivity, the collective and the community in the 00s.

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Adrian Kimpton