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A quick and simple test to apply to your company or product positioning

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If I were to ask you what your definition of 'marketing strategy' was, would it be anything like this?

… "to choose to perform activities differently or to perform distinctly different activities than do rivals."

This is an abridged version of Michael Porter's, Harvard Business School definition of marketing strategy very much from a positioning point of view. And it just happens to be a view I agree with.

Positioning ... a bit text book? Well it can be, but rather depends on your definition. This is mine:

Positioning is the act of simply, clearly and consistently communicating to your target customer who you are, in a way that is:

> authentic
> distinctive
> relevant
> defendable, and 
> ambitious.

My definition can be your test. 

Why not pull up your 'About us' page, find that PowerPoint presentation, your elevator pitch and and the last few corporate ads and use these measures to give your positioning strategy a score out of 10 on each of these markers and let me know how you get on.

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Adrian Kimpton