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Rise 3: The free marketing, design and business Gazette is out!


Welcome to Rise 3.

If your not on the mailing list but would like a free copy simply mail Adrian and he’ll be delighted to pop one in the post to you.

Rise is a magazine with the simple purpose of sharing analysis and advice on life in the world of business, marketing and the creative industries. 

Always with a focus on insight, opinion through experience, process and inspiration.

In this edition we cover such varied topics as DIY web builders, managing employee objectives, our (perhaps) over reliance in marketing on ROI and creative storyboarding. 

And we are delighted to welcome our first independent contributors to Rise, Adam Billing, consultant, lecturer and Partner at the Møller Institute and our very own stig, and senior, practising marketing specialist, whose identity for now shall remain our little secret.

Adrian Kimpton