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If everyone thinks the same someone isn't thinking. How we project manage.

We have over 25 years’ combined experience in producing high-level creative design, print and technology solutions for many major organisations across the corporate and public sectors.

In various guises, we’ve worked on national and international corporate, divisional, product and recruitment brands, and we’ve launched magazines and major websites – but the question we're always asked is ‘What is your project management like?’. Well, each project has a beginning, a middle and an end – and we ensure that we apply the right level of management and the relevant procedural checks at each of these key stages.

We work to a simple set of rules, set out clear stages in each project, produce only essential paperwork and keep in touch with simple lines of communication. 

From Sable&Hawkes you will get:
– all the benefits of working with a small team
– experienced management of stages
– common sense which never becomes a straitjacket to creativity
– a direct means of communication from Day 1 to the creative in charge of solution.

Ultimately however, project management is only ever a part of what design companies do. Good project management is essential but it should never define the ability of a design company to deliver the right creative solution for you.

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